Band Pro Tip #2: Get A Room

We’ve all been there. You’re on the road and you want nothing more than to find a place to sleep—but you also want to save a few bucks.

You could sleep on the beach. No one owns the beach, right? You should be allowed to sleep on the damn beach. But then you have to deal with the rising tide and broken glass bottles and the beach patrol (this is a real thing) possibly running you over in your sleep at 4am.

You could sleep in the parking lot outside a camping ground. Problem: the power-tripping park ranger shining the world’s brightest flashlight and knocking on your car window with a sinister “Good morning sunshine!”


Back to the drawing board.

Here’s what we did on tour a few years back: we found a foreclosed home and parked in front of it. The car could just barely fit three uncomfortable sleepers, so I elected to sleep on the sidewalk out front, bundled up in a fleece-lined sleeping bag. The house didn’t belong to anyone (well, technically the bank owned it). But the bank didn’t own the sidewalk. Surely this was my ticket to a good night’s sleep.


I forgot one thing. Automatic sprinklers that come on in the middle of the night and soak you to the bone in 30 degree weather.


Trust me, you don’t want to slink into McDonald’s with frozen hair at 5am. Not even an Egg McMuffin can heal those wounds.

Band Pro Tip: A Good Night’s Sleep is Worth the Money a.k.a. Get a Room