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“MISSILE” out February


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Stop Motion Poetry hail from Modesto, CA, a small bright-eyed town in California’s agricultural heartland. Like the city they call home, Stop Motion Poetry’s music aspires to greater things than the at-a-glance sum of its parts. 

It is both accessible and intelligent, while managing somehow to avoid their evil twins: obsequiousness and impenetrability. With their 2012 debut album, produced by Mikal Blue (Augustana, Colbie Caillat), Stop Motion Poetry proved their earnest optimism and old-soul sensibility had legs enough to carry them into the headphones of the world. Early looks at their new material seem to indicate a bold jump to the next logical step: it’s what one would hope they would do next, despite the comfortable jeans of their debut.

Stop Motion Poetry is a band to watch. Now in the studio with Sean Gould (Train, Blues Traveler), these young scions of California’s cornucopia are brimming with fresh yet familiar sounds, unafraid to reinvent themselves, looking forward to the future with smart, bright eyes. 


Vocals, Guitar / Clark
Guitars, Vocals / Caleb
Bass, Vocals / Devin
Drums, Vocals / Spencer