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Stop Motion Poetry returned to the studio following a dormancy of multiple years in 2018. With Sean Gould producing (Train, Blues Traveler), the first offering to emanate from these sessions is “Missile.” The band’s repertoire is both accessible and intelligent, while managing to avoid being obsequious and impenetrable. With their 2012 debut album, produced by Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, Augustana), Stop Motion Poetry proved their earnest optimism and old-soul sensibility had enough legs to carry them into the headphones of the world. Early looks at their new material indicate a bold jump to the next logical step: it’s what one would hope they would do next.

Their influences are deeply rooted in the 1990s and early 2000s. Bands like Vertical Horizon, Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind, and Train were all amongst those that hit a nerve in embracing a deep sense of melody, while still having an element of rock in their music. Clark (Vocals / Guitar) shares, “We’ve intentionally avoided being ‘on-trend’ with the electronic music scene and have always focused on writing songs that have a chance at being timeless.” With this lead track, the band is metaphorically utilizing the missile as an abrupt wake up call for someone who is ignorant to their own serious shortcomings.

The band features three brothers, and there is a dynamic one would expect with siblings who grew up together, while also bringing different life experiences to the brotherhood. Their shared foundation however is a strength to their collaboration, which is shared by the fourth member Caleb.


Vocals, Guitar / Clark
Guitars, Vocals / Caleb
Bass, Vocals / Devin
Drums, Vocals / Spencer