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Stop Motion Poetry returned to the studio following a multi-year sabbatical – with Sean Gould producing (Train, Blues Traveler), to record their forthcoming EP, Dead Rose. A stark contrast to their 2012 debut, produced by Mikal Blue (Augustana, Five for Fighting), Dead Rose has the Los Angeles quartet shedding softer piano melodies in favor of a more guitar-driven sound.

Their influences are deeply rooted in the 1990s and early 2000s. The songwriting of bands like Tom Petty, Death Cab For Cutie, Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray, and Semisonic left a lasting impact. Clark (Vocals / Guitar) shares, “We’ve tried to focus on writing songs that have a chance at being timeless – songs that work just as well with an acoustic guitar and a voice as they do with a full band.”

The band features brothers Clark, Devin, and Spencer Beggs as well as longtime collaborator and friend Caleb Hulin.

Vocals, Guitar / Clark Beggs
Bass, Vocals / Devin Beggs
Drums, Vocals / Spencer Beggs